Leads Agriventures Corporation


Leads Agriventures Corporation (LAV) was established in 2018 as subsidiary company of LEADS AGRI. Presently under the Malveda Holdings Corporation, the main business is focused on Hybrid Rice Seeds and milled rice distribution. Apart from these, LAV has now ventured in machineries rental and coming up with our own milled rice grains.

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Our Mission

LAV’s mission is to come up with all the technologies and provide holistic support to the Filipino rice farmers. LAV is continuously testing high yielding rice seed varieties adaptable to the local conditions. From land preparation to harvesting activities, we provide support through technical consultations, machineries rental, production trainings and field demonstrations.

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Meet the LAV Team


Mr. Jose Maria Fernando L. Malveda

Founder & President


Mr. Arturo A. Alejar, Jr.

Chief Operations Officer

LAV team